This old body

It’s like This Old House in that you keep throwing money at it trying to make it modern but you are fighting a losing battle.

This time of year is when all of my appointments line up: doctor, eye doctor and dentist. That means summer begins with a whirl of co-pays, x-rays, bloodwork and scans. I’ve already been going back and forth with the doctor for the last few months trying to get the blood pressure and heartrate back to normal and it looks like we might have that figured out. I’ll know for sure later this afternoon after that appointment.

This morning was the eye doctor and I had one piece of good news – my ocular pressure is once again down year to year. Why? Magic? Coincidence? Who knows. But that gets me out of the glaucoma danger zone. I do need new glasses for the first time since 2017 since my reading vision has gotten much worse over the last year as expected. It’s easier to read with my current glasses off but that’s about all I can do with my glasses off. The only letter I can make out on an eye chart with no glasses is the biggest one at the top.

So, here I am, cutting back on caffeine and sugar and working on that longevity that is all the rage.

In other news, I drove my car for the first time in two weeks today. It’s nice getting out in my own car doing my own things that need to be done. I had a strong urge to steer that car right into the library parking lot after my eye appointment but I had to get back to work so I had to do the right thing and get back to the laptop.