A prisoner of my nostalgia

A note to the reader: this post was copied word for word from the file on the Chromebook I use for my daily writing and meant for an audience of one, me, and possibly my schnoodle if he can read.

I closed the Chromebook just now instead of writing a post for the blog – I can call it a blog here in private – because the post was going to have no meaning. So, I watched Nora Ephron’s This Is My Life last night and it wasn’t that great and that was going to be the whole post.

Movie poster for This Is My Life (1992)

So what? They all can’t be winners. And she was adapting a book. Not much you can do there to rebuild what is already built. There were a few funny lines but most of the movie was just not believable. Who becomes a big star that fast? Why can’t I get the idea that I am watching Rhoda’s sister out of my head? Why are they so unnaturally tan in that movie poster? What does it all mean?

But no wonder I missed that movie in 1992. Mad props to past me for skipping it. Mad props to current me for only renting it and not spending the extra $7 to “buy” it although buying streaming rights leaves you with squat in real life.

We don’t need material things like that anyway. I got rid of almost all of my DVD’s. I was thinking all of them and I just realized I saved a few in a small organizer. I am not sure which ones I saved. I will have to go look.

I have only one CD left – the soundtrack to “When Harry Met Sally…” that I bought when the movie came out. I never take it out and play it. I could since I still have a DVD player and a CD drive in my laptop but I don’t. It is packed away, a prisoner of my nostalgia.

All of my cassettes are gone also. I never listened to that stuff and I would rather listen to random jazz most of the time versus songs on cassette tied to old memories. 

Wow, the words really flow when I am in a Google doc and not on the WordPress site. 

I should just copy this exactly as-is and paste it right over there. What difference does it really make? Shouldn’t I be just as comfortable writing here as I am there? So, why did I have WordPress open and then close the Chromebook before I came back and started writing this?

Because when I think of WordPress, it’s a POST – it’s out there – it’s something that can occupy your valuable time. I feel a responsibility with your valuable time because I don’t like to waste mine.

When I write privately, I am only using my time. 

I’m really starting to feel a Mr. Hand vibe now.