A Short Memo from the Chromebook

I tried to take a picture on the Chromebook to share in tonight’s post and the first picture does not look great and then the camera app crashed and I could not take photo #2. Hmmm.

Then I realized that photo #1 didn’t even save. So I tried again.

That’s looking up from the Chromebook over my head as I duck for the picture.

There are too many bugs out here so I am not sure if I am going to stay outside much longer. I hoped to be out here long enough so the new lights I put on on the deck would come on but I am not sure I am going to make it for that.

I’m also down to 25% battery after leaving this thing off the charger in sleep mode since Saturday so that’s pretty good, I guess. My Windows laptops can’t do that.

In good news, it is Thursday meaning tomorrow is Friday and I am glad because a 4 day work week feels like an 8 day work week. I’ve been messed up all week and I’m ready to get back on my normal schedule of counting the hours until Saturday on Friday, trying not to think about work on Saturday, getting the stomach pit of dread about Monday on Sunday and then getting back to work on Monday.