App deletion day

It’s June 1st and that means Facebook and Twitter finally got deleted from my phone (along with 10 or so other apps). I am no longer carrying around all of the lessons and sarcasm and pointlessness with me all day long.

I was finally able to do this because I no longer have to monitor the band social media accounts for idiots. I am FREE!

My first experience out without these apps was my check up at the doctor this afternoon and while I waited, I didn’t have the opportunity to be lazy and scroll through those annoying feeds. I read a book instead.

What’s my primary reason for doing this? I do get lazy and go to those apps to kill time. It’s like a reflex. Bored? Look at phone.

I want to break that habit.

I also typically see something in either app that angers or disgusts me and those things get stuck in my head and can seed my mind with negative thoughts.

However, I am still keeping my accounts on those apps and those apps are still installed on my iPad so I can get notifications and force myself to check in on them at least once a day.

What apps did I keep on my phone? Instagram, which has the ability to post to Facebook and also auto-posts to Twitter is still there. So is Discord and Tik Tok.

These are three apps which expose me to far less soap-boxing and general complaining.

It’s all about the positivity, baby!