Clearing the dust and flipping on the open sign

This is the Seedlet theme. It’s the fifth or sixth theme I’ve tried here since I started this thing. I wanted a theme that is fairly simple but also shows the dumb tags I set with each post.

I’m still trying to keep out of the B word mindset (B*og is as much of a hint as I can give you) because the B word seems so antiquated. It was cool twenty years ago. It’s not so cool now.

Since I have the template chosen and have tried to figure out the reasons for needing to go back to writing on the internet, I think I can move forward focusing on writing about whatever it is I want to write about here. I haven’t completely figured that out yet so days may pass by without a peep and then an avalanche of posts might pop up in one day. I really don’t know what the future holds for this.

I just know that I wanted to give this another try and I wanted to use WordPress to do it. Aside from that, we’ll all have to wait and see what comes out of this.

No tags

I have not been tagging my posts here. Filling up my reader with other interesting sites (we don’t use the b word here – the bl*g word) has taught me that I better tag each post if I want to be found by any other person also searching for sites to follow. So, here goes very little.

(Edit: I added tags to this post but you can only see them if you go to the page for this specific post. Must be my choice of template that makes that happen.)